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Dumpster Rental Queens NY Pros

Dumpster Rental Queens NY

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Do you have a big home project coming up that will require you to get rid of a lot of stuff all at once? If so, then there is a chance that you’ll need a dumpster. You can count on Dumpster Rental Queens NY Pros to provide you with exactly what you need. We help with trash removal, junk removal, furniture removal, and garbage removal. Our dumpsters are well maintained and we can deliver them to wherever you are.

Whether you have a home renovation or moving your business and need to get rid of small and large items, you may require a dumpster and we want to be the ones that you receive it from. Allow us to help you get rid of the things that you no longer want cluttering up your business or your home. Call us to discuss your dumpster rental needs today.


About Us

We started with two dumpsters and now we have an entire fleet of dumpsters. As the demand grew, so did our business. Once we began to receive repeat business, we began to add to our inventory of dumpsters. We are often the first dumpster rental company that those in the Queens area will turn to when they need a dumpster. It doesn’t matter what size dumpster our customers may need, we are sure that we can offer it to them, as we have invested in the most popular size dumpsters.

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    Our Services

    house debris and broken furniture
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    three metal garbage container

    When you are cleaning out your basement, attic, or a home, contact us and let us bring you a dumpster to get rid of all the things you no longer want or need. The same is true if you’re clearing out an office or a business. If you have items that you do not want or need and you need to get rid of it all in one clean swoop, allow us to provide you with a suitable dumpster that will enable you to do so.

    Residential Dumpsters
    Commercial Dumpsters
    Construction Dumpsters

    Residential Dumpster

    We are prepared to deliver any size dumpster to your home. If you are unsure as to the type of dumpster that you will need, just call us up and we’ll be happy to consult with you about the various size dumpsters that we have. We are sure that we’ll have the right type of dumpster for your needs. When you’re cleaning out your basement, attic, have yard debris, or damaged furniture that you need to get rid of, call on us for your dumpster rental needs.


    Commercial Dumpster

    When you have to bring in new inventory or clear out old inventory to make room for new inventory, you may have to a lot to throw away. We can provide you with a dumpster that enables you to have everything hauled away at one time. Don't exhaust yourself by making several trips to a nearby dumpster when we can provide you with your dumpster.


    Construction Dumpster

    Construction companies in and around Queens, NY, often rely on our dumpsters. When they have to get rid of a lot of tile, flooring, lumber, drywall, sheetrock, and other materials from a project, they discard it in one of our rented dumpsters. It doesn’t matter how many they need or what size they require, we always have what they need at Dumpster Rental Queens NY Pros.

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    Permanent Dumpster
    Junk Removal
    Dumpster Sizes

    Permanent Dumpster

    Some businesses require a permanent dumpster. When they do, we are often capable of working out a fee that we can both agree upon. These dumpsters are usually provided to places, such as restaurants, who often have a lot of garbage to get rid of daily.


    Junk Removal

    When you need someone to help with your furniture removal needs, such as mattress removal, you can always rely on us. We don’t just rent dumpsters, but we can also assist with your junk removal needs. You may not know how to properly dispose of the items that you no longer want or need, but we do.


    Dumpster Rental Sizes

    Consider the following dumpster rental sizes that we offer: 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-yard dumpsters for both residential and commercial junk and trash disposal needs. If you require any of these sizes, you're in luck because we often have them available for you to rent. Call and book your dumpster today.

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    Contact Us Today

    Whenever someone in the Queens, NY area is clearing out a business or doing some type of home renovations, they may need a dumpster to discard debris and other items that you don't need. If you don't want to have to make a ton of trips to the nearby dumpster, do yourself a favor by calling Dumpster Rental Queens NY Pros. We can conveniently deliver a dumpster to wherever you are. Our knowledgeable and helpful associates can help you find the right dumpster for your service needs. Give us a call and let us discuss your dumpster rental needs. We offer dumpsters in every price range, which means that we can accommodate the requests of everyone who needs a dumpster.

    “When we rented a dumpster the wrong dumpster was delivered. This happened on more than one occasion, which is why we decided to use Dumpster Rental Queens NY Pros instead. They had great reviews, and much to our surprise, they live up to their reputation.” – John J.

    “We rented a dumpster from the first dumpster company that we found. That was a mistake and we were determined not to make that mistake again, which is why we chose to rent one from Dumpster Rental Queens NY Pros. They offered us the most reasonably priced dumpster rental rate, which none of the others were willing to do.” – Karen R.

    “The renovation company told us that we had to source our dumpster so we went with Dumpster Rental Queens NY Pros. They came highly recommended and we can understand why. They were the most professional dumpster rental company that we have ever worked within the Queens, NY area." – Tracy T.